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urgeent. u.s. and allied forces firing on libya igniting the biggest international military effort since the iraq war. this is a special edition of the fox report. new images showing u.s. navy ships firing missiles at qaddafi air defenses and teeping up with britain,itiny and canada all to support a rebel uprising in that country. it appears on the verge of defeat. secretary of state hillary clinton said left unchecked qaddafi will commit unspeakable atrocities . the first shots coming from french fighter jets. a plane shot down over the outskirts of benghazi bursting in flames . crashed and sending thick black smoke in the sky. rebels, cheering and celebrating as international forces move in tryying to protect them. so far 112 cruz missiles launched near tripoli. we have fox news team coverage on the ground . mike emanuel is traveling with the president in brazil and steve first in tripoli. steve, any reaction from qaddafi to the air trikes? >>reporter: john, what we heard from qaddafi in the past several days. one of defiance and he said he will retaliate against military or civilian t
report. >> it's just the beginning. >> the u.s. and allies, now seeing the effects of a full scale military operation to stop libya's leader, muammar gaddafi. >> and effectively he hasn't flown any in the last few days, i would say the no-fly zone is effectively in place. >> harris: that was 24 hours ago, and tonight, fox reports live from tripoli. what our journalists on the ground are seeing now. plus, life saving supply already running low in japan's devastation zone. now traces of radiation found in even more food sources. but a month a frantic rush to contain a nuclear disaster. >> earthquake survivors pulled from the wreckage. we're live from japan where a new day begins. we begin tonight with a heavy bombardment by coalition forces inside libya. mixed messages by muammar gaddafi who has called for a new cease-fire and promises to fight to the death at the same time. here is where we stand. the fog calling operation odyssey dawn a success and we're told the no-fly zone is now in effect and cruise missiles and long range bombers have taken out a number of key targets including
american ally, u.s. war ships arriving earlier today and with help and supplies and our doug mche willway new live from washingtons and what's the american help for relief on this. >> the aircraft carrier u.s.s. reagan and battle groups as well as other military personnel conducted well over 20 missions providing humanitarian arrive and orion aircraft over debris fields trying to judge, and also looking for survivors. >> a 60-year-old man out to sea clinging to the roof. and he went to his house and got some belongses and out to sea and his apparently his wife remains missing. they're providing civilian to humanitarian aid and two search and rescue teams from west fairfax, virginia, and others to the quake zone and much equipment must come by roadway and the roads of course have been heavily damaged, no he it willing when they will get there with equipment and they are among rescue teams sent from ten different countries and the american red cross, also accepting donations, go to for information how to donate to them. the red cross basically serving as a secondary roll to the
international trade, but now some pirates put in their place by u.s. commandos. >>> plus, this guy took less than a minute to steal the loot. >> that's not very smart, but it's original. haven't seen that one yet. >> maybe we've seen too much. now the hunt for the droopy drawers bandit. >>> intense fight noting in lib. heavy gun fire, a common sound there. the uprising becoming the bloodiest in the way of unrest. front line of the fighting, smoke rising there, a possible signal of a new phase in the battle as forces loyal to libyan leader moammar gadhafi use air power to bomb rebel fighters. fierce ground battles still raging between the two, the rebels working to cut a path toward the capital city of tripoli. and this is what they're facing when they get there. those are pro-gadhafi crowds. gather not guilty tripoli's square earlier, loyalists ready to defend their leader, they say, no matter what the cost. here is one of them. >> there is nobody in this state or in this city against gadhafi. >> steve harrigan is streaming live in tripoli. steve, our question, is leader gadhafi still contro
or the coast of oregon or washington, or hawaii, so that's a little bit of good news for us here in the u.s. so we don't think that this earthquake was powerful enough or of enough magnitude to bring a wave over into our coastline, but still very imminent threat out there for japan and that's the location of the earthquake is similar as well to the last earthquake that did hit, that we have had amazing amount of damage. you can see on the satellite image not a lot of cloud cover through the country of japan. some clouds off to the west and we will have a new approaching storm system though and this is going to be bringing in some concern for additional cleanup efforts or radioactive vapors that may be in the atmosphere and headed to wednesday, but for monday and tuesday the problem is going to be the very cool air in place, nighttime temperatures just before the freezing mark, dangerous for anyone caught outside and sunshine, monday and tuesday and temperatures gradually warming up by tuesday, but wednesday when the next system will be moving on and as far as wind direction, harris, we know tha
in the program. moving on to libya, a country where our u.s. military is now involved in coalition air strikes helping to turn the tide in one city. rebels able to gain control of ajdabiya. the fight, a pierce one and bodies of more than a dozen men loyal to qaddafi scattered among the burned out artillery. troops were forced to retreat to the west. the rebels promise to march toward tripoli. steve, under the cover of the allied air strikes victory for the rebels. >>reporter: harris, this is a major turn around for the rebel force that is being formed and growing. they retreated for two weeks before this . now with the allied air strikes they were able to come out and launch an assault and take a town they had fled from. ajdabiya was a ghost town and it was the allied air strikes that were key. they targeted tanks and vehicles and supply lines . soldier running out of fuel and food were forced to retreat in the end. >> could we see this repeat in other cities? >> that's what the rebels are hoping for and asking for. a battle is shaping up in miraheta and once again ally airlines are pounding q
or traveling 12 miles from the fukushima nuclear power plant should evacuate immediately. >> the u.s. military is on the way with supplies. what kind of assets do we have there. >> at this moment seven are headed to yapan including the uss ronald reagan . the u.s. has 30,000 troops stationed there. there is video of marines preparing to leave the home base to go to main land japan with rescue equipment and assets. here is defense secretary robert gates. >> we have the ronald reagan closing in on japan right now. we are sending another big deck ship and pulling in helicopters from around the region including okanawa and so on . they can be used for helicopter operation and humanitarian disaster relief. >> as far as the american citizens in japan. military and civilians, so far the u.s. government has no reports of serious injuries or deaths, harris. >> lots of reports of people unaccounted for. they will need help with search and rescue and the japanese government is asking for him. help. >> yes, one team from virginia and california are headed to squapan. 12 trained dogs and they'll arrive in
the capital. bahrain, an important u.s. ally, home to the fifth fleet, the mostly shiite demonstrators demand the suni monarchy reform and end discriminatory policies and political oppression. >> another middle east kingdom issues a harsh warning to demonstrators. the saudis, protests will not be tolerated and threatening to use security forces. this after 100 members of the shiite minority demanded the release of detainees, including a cleric who called for reform in the government. >>> a troubling new twist in a horrifying day-care center fire that claimed the lives of four children. police file more charges again the woman out shopping rather italian watching the kids. she's on the run. we'll tell what you she's charged with and where she's headed. >> weeks of protest taking a toll on wisconsin' statehouse. we'll show you how much taxpayers may need to fork up to pay for the repair. you've never seen fast. you've never held it in your hand, then unleashed it with a fingertip. never watched pixels whip by at 1 ghz and had your neurons struggle to keep up. you've never seen fast because you'
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8